Discount PC International - DiscountPC took money and disappeared

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I purchased computer 4/24/2013.Discount PC took the money from my account and e-mailed me a receipt the same day.

Haven't heard from them since. Computer was suppose to ship 1 to 2 business days after order, with an e-mail to me providing me with a tracking number when it ships. Been a week and haven't heard a thing. Although I've sent numerous e-mails (6), and left phone messages, they may have well disappeared from the face of the earth.

I will NEVER use this company again, nor would I recommend them.

BBB, FTC Consumer complaint.I think after all my attempts to contact Discount PC, I at least deserve a response.

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Discount PC International - Customer No Service

Old Town, Maine 0 comments
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I purchased a refurbed computer from DiscountPC. I am a reseller myself, and have been looking for good Dell computers to be used for customers with specific purposes.

I ordered the unit and in the memo asked when it would be shipped - no answer.

I ordered the unit and paid 2nd day shipping, 3/4 the cost of the computer, but I was in a bind

The company never told me they required a signature, I checked the website again, and sure enough, no mention when you order about a human having to sign for it.

Fedex the carrier called and left a message that it would be delivered between 4-4:30pm on Friday. I had service calls to make, but was home by about 3:30. The note was on the door that Fedex had attempted delivery at 2:30. I was livid. I had quoted a price with Friday delivery to a customer, a good customer, and I had to purchase a computer and install it Friday night.

Fedex said they would be more than happy to refund the difference between ground and 2nd day delivery, but DiscountPC would have to make the request. I contacted customer service and was told, no way.

I contacted them again, and explained it cost them nothing, but would save me considerable money. No answer.

All I can say is that their 100% guaranteed satisfaction is a load of horse manure. I haven't even gotten around to using the computer yet. Frankly with these two reviews, I am almost afraid to

So, I will be looking for another refurbisher/lease take in company to do business with. I don't usually bad mouth people over deliver issues, but helping me out considerably wasn't a priority for them.

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Discount PC International - Is refusing to deal with me

Troy, Michigan 1 comment

On Nov.29 of this year, I bought a refurbished laptop from Discount PC, Intl.

When I finally got it, it was broken. The letter "h" on the keyboard din't work, and there was a problem with the modem and/or network adaptor. i called and was told to send it in, that it would be repaired and sent back. After days of calling and emailing, I got the laptop back yesterday.

Guess what? The same problems are there. I called last night, and was told the return authorization would be issued in a few minutes. It wasn't.

I called agin today, and was told the same thing. Several hours later, i don't have the return authorization. I had to go out last night and get a differernt computer.

Discount vPC won't answer my calls or emails.I am beyond furious!!

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i hope u disputed The Charge Through your CC!

Discount PC International - Sold me a computer that doesnt connect to the internet

Las Vegas, Nevada 3 comments
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Discount PC sold me a refurbished computer that does not connect to the internet.I spent hours on the phone with Qwest trying to get it to connect to their DSL service.

I would think that anyone buying a computer would want it to connect to the internet and a network adapter would be standard equipment to be sent with one. It was shipped without a network adapter. Do not buy anything from these people.

This was my first internet purchase and i will never purchase anything over the internet again.These kind of shoddy enterprises are why people are leery of buying online.

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:( They did the same to me!! Never agin!


I was reading about the products as I own my own computer Repair busienss and wanted to find some low cost computers , I read the post and its hard to understand why companys do this when they could sell good quility products that work and make good money and peple who live on a budget have hard enough time spending money on a computer without having so much trouble getting help or getting a good product .

If you bought a computer from this company and need help getting it to work I may be able to help with some advise it may save you time and money contact me if you want to and I will see what I can do to help .



HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA so you got stiffed with a PC with no NIC. So here's what you do you go to yer closes eletronics store and you buy a new NIC. Will run you anywhere from $5 to $25. Put the thing in and install the drivers.

Take you al of abotu 10 min.

Can't connect to the internet? What a glob of snot.

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